Colonial Lake Oyster Point Runoff

Colonial Lake was transformed by their annual Oyster Point runoff before the Jail Break event took place downtown. Charleston Waterkeeper hosts the event, which is day-long festival that honors and celebrates Charleston’s right to clean, fishable, swimmable, and enjoyable waterways. All of the details are here.

My favorite part is that you can rent a boat for $10 and put it in the lake, something that I’ve always been curious about doing since I’ve lived on Colonial Lake. The event schedule is extremely interactive and includes activities such as open paddle, which is day paddling around Colonial Lake in a kayak, canoe, or on a SUP.

Poseidon’s Parade is a grand display of our right to clean water. Charleston Waterkeeper invites all kayaks, canoes, and SUP to parade around Colonial Lake for a three-lap celebration of our waterways. Participants are invited to dress in festive water-related attire. Spectators are invited to bring noise makers and signs.

The last race is the Exhibition Race, which involves one lap of Colonial Lake, followed by Awards & Prizes given to the finest competitors and participants of the day’s events. Some of the categories will include: best costume, best boat/board decorations, winner of the exhibition race, and largest fundraiser.


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