Second Sunday on King St.

In the Fall of 2010 the City decided to try a new event that is now known as the popular Second Sunday. A large section of the shopping district on King St. is closed off to cars so that pedestrians can wonder away from the sidewalks and onto the street. I went this weekend, December 9th, and it is more extravagant that I have seen in the past. At the beginning some of the restaurants and shops would place outside seating on King St. for hungry wanderers, but now there are food trucks, musicians, and other businesses lining the streets.

Yesterday there were many different artists and musicians, but the most popular was by far a small band that consisted of what looked like 12-14 year old young boys. They all had instruments they played, sang, and drew a huge crowd. They were great to watch. Another fabulous addition is a food truck called “Outta My Heuvos,” which is a breakfast food truck created by two former chefs from McCrady’s. Here’s some more fun information about the food and business:

All of the stores participate with different in-store events to draw the crowds inside. The Studio had a lovely display on the street outside of the office with some of our infamous adirondack chairs and our Real Estate Buyer’s Guide.


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