Southeastern Wildlife Exposition 2013

A very fun and educational event, the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, was in Charleston this past weekend. It is one of the largest annual events that takes place in South Carolina, as well as one of the most popular in the country. It always takes place in February, which is a great time to bring some action into the Lowcountry at a normally slow time of year.

SEWE features the world’s foremost experts in wildlife and nature art, as well as conservation research and environmental education. When SEWE first started started 30 years ago, its goal was, and still is, to create an event that contributes to the economy and promotes the conservation and preservation of nature and wildlife through different educational programs and art.

I attended the Birds of Prey Flight Demonstration, which is a flight demo that features birds like falcons, eagles, hawks, and owls. While we watched the birds there were also very experienced participants with SEWE that taught us about each bird. It was a really neat event, the birds were very entertaining to watch. We were in the middle of Marion Square downtown and it was pretty amazing to watch the birds fly freely around us in downtown Charleston and know to return right back to their owners. We specifically saw 4-5 different birds including a vulture, a bird called a “kite,” an owl, and a couple of eagles, and a falcon. The owl was beautiful, and was one of the largest kinds. The kite was my personal favorite, it was the smallest bird we saw and mostly flew around. Marion Square.


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