Dunes and Charleston featured on House Hunters

Last week it was very exciting to see Charleston on HGTV’s House Hunters. While it’s always fun to see your town on television, this episode was particularly entertaining because one of Dunes Properties‘ agents, Kristin Walker, was the real estate agent! The house hunters were from Boston and had decided to buy a vacation home here after visiting the area and loving it. They were looking for a single-family home with features such as hardwood floors and a working fireplace along with a location that puts them in walking distance to shops


and restaurants. There were a couple of more difficult items on their wish list that are more rare in Charleston, such as a small yard/space to separate them from their neighbors, and that the wife did not want her home to be on a street where she would see any horse-and-carriage tours, which are extremely common in the historic areas.

Kristin showed them numerous properties, and three were featured on the show. The properties varied in location downtown. They looked in Harleston Village, Radcliffeborough, and in areas around Hampton Park. Some of the common things you will find in historic Charleston property, such as slanted floors, homes dated back to the late 1800’s, and lack of yard space were a little unsettling for the clients. Kristin pointed out that these are all features you are going to find in any Charleston home, unless it is a new property. But, these types of features are what give historic Charleston properties their character, and the Boston residents came around. They chose a great home right up the street from my place in Harleston Village on a small street called Poulnot Lane. A yard was very desirable for them, and an appealing part of the houses on this particular street is that most of them have courtyards and a little more yard space than other homes have that are very close together. Although they will still see the daily carriage tours, this spot is in a prime location within easy walking distance to shopping and dining.

The episode aired on HGTV last Thursday, 2/21.


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