NY Post calls Charleston “best of” South

After being named the #1 City in the World by Conde Nast last year, the New York Post decided to see what all of the hype is about Charleston. Here’s a blip of what they discovered about our wonderful city:

“Turns out, Charleston is truly a “best of” the South: Flickering gas lamps adorn pastel, antebellum mansions; cobblestone streets offer views of colorful, formal gardens; horse-drawn carriages clip-clop alongside cars; and polite shopkeepers and hotel staff ask, “Is everyone ’round here treatin’ y’all right?” at every turn. Sealing the deal are a slew of festivals happening throughout the year (besides this week’s Charleston Wine + Food Festival, there’s the big annual Charleston International Antiques Show March 22 to 24, the 17-day Spoleto performing arts festival that starts May 24 and many more), unconventional sightseeing (graveyard tour, anyone?) and an energetic, sophisticated culinary scene.

They also gave a great breakdown of the best places to stay, eat, drink, see, and shop. Since they named pretty much all of my personal favorites in every category, I felt like it was an excellent review. I’ve mentioned Charleston Grill and Charleston Place hotel a few times in my previous posts. The article calls Charleston Place the “grand dame of downtown Charleston,” and I couldn’t agree more. The hotel is amazing, very classy, and the service is by far the most incredible of anywhere I have ever stayed, in and outside of Charleston. The author also mentioned Wentworth Mansion, which I have not had the opportunity to stay at yet, but since I can see it outside of my living room window I feel like I’ve already been there!

The Ordinary is a new restaurant that is receiving rave reviews. This is an oyster bar/seafood restaurant brought to us by Mike Lata, the chef at FIG. Of Course, Husk and McCrady’s are mentioned, Sean Brock’s successful endeavors, and once again, Charleston Grill.

Kudu Coffee, a great coffee shop in Radcliffeborough, also made the list.. They have amazing coffee, food, craft beer, and fun events. Speaking of, they have a latte art throw down at the end of each month that I attended last week. This is a competition between local baristas based on the art they create with milk in their lattes. It’s a rare talent.


Check out the rest of the article to read more.


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