Great properties under $500,000 downtown

When most people think about buying a home in downtown Charleston, one of the first things that comes to mind is “expensive.” While there are plenty of properties located in prestigious areas like South of Broad, the French Quarter, and Harleston Village that are in the million dollar price point, some might be surprised to find that there are affordable properties in spots like these. Single family homes are more sparse South of the Crosstown, but there are some great finds in the Hampton Park/Wagener Terrace neighborhoods. For first-time home buyers that think finding a single-family home in their price range downtown is impossible, take a look at some of these. Here are some fantastic 2-3 bedrooms houses that have been renovated, are very affordable, and are in an area that is really progressing.

250 W Poplar Street is a quaint 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house located in Wagener Terrace that was just listed for $339,000 and underwent thorough renovations in 2008/2009. One distinct feature about houses in this area is that properties, like this one, have fantastic yard space.

3-full  0-full

15 Felix St. is a custom built home in a fantastic location that is just blocks away from College of Charleston, King St. Shopping, and Marion Square. With 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this is located in Cannonborough-Elliottborough and is listed for $499,000. In the heart of College of Charleston student living, this is a great investment property.

6-full 0-full-1

10 Rutledge Ave., Unit C is the only single family property available South of Broad in this price range. This is an old carriage house that has been completely renovated with 1 bedroom and 2 full bathrooms and is listed for $395,000. Although this is a smaller property, you can’t beat the location and the updates are beautiful.

2-full 0-full-2


While there are less single family homes available under $500,000, there are plenty of condos available in this range. The unique feature about condos downtown is that they can be in a large complex, such as the Fort Sumter House at 1 King St. South of Broad, or they can be a single unit in a larger historic house.

18 Savage St., Unit A is the lower half of a Charleston Single that is comprised of 3 units. This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo is listed for $439,000 South of Broad and is a lovely property.

11-full 0-full-3

79 Society Street, Unit A is another beautiful condo located in Downtown near the King St. Historic District. This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom is listed for $475,000 with full interior and exterior renovations.

5-full 0-full-4

21 George St is an amazing building right off of King St. and up the street from College of Charleston. One of my co-workers has a very spacious 1 bedroom/2 bathroom listed, #207, with over 1200 square feet for $474,500. This complex was built in 2007 and includes a gym, garage parking, and a rooftop deck.

20-full 6-full-1

To browse on your own, click on one of the links below:

Condos under $500,000

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