Ansonborough is home to numerous condos on the Harbor, including Laurens Place, Dockside, 33 Calhoun, and Anson House. You will also find the Harris Teeter, one of the only larger grocery stores downtown aside from the Piggly Wiggly on Meeting St.  This is another excellent walking neighborhood that is near The Market and Lower King St. Various events are held at the Aquarium for different occasions and there is a shopping center with all sorts of shops and restaurants off of East Bay St. This is also the venue where many different boat cruises take off. There are some large scale construction projects taking place here, namely the Gaillard Auditorium and the Buist School. Properties here range from a condo at Dockside for $294K to a 6 bedroom house on Wentworth St. for $2.6M.

Notable places to dine and stroll:

South Carolina Aquarium

Saffron Bakery

East Bay Deli

Ted’s Butcher Block

Search real estate in Ansonborough 


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