Cannonborough-Elliotborough encompasses a large area of downtown, spanning from Meeting St. over to Calhoun St. up to Highway 17 at the crosstown. This is also a very diverse area with college students from MUSC and the College of Charleston along with families and young professionals. This area has seen quite a bit of progress with new construction of developments such as Midtown and Morris Square. There has been an overwhelming and very exciting amount of up and coming restaurants brought to the area. Cannonborough holds some of what I think are the best places to eat in town, which I have listed below (and may have gotten a bit carried away with). Properties are primarily single family homes, ranging from a fixer-upper at $250K to a renovated 4 bedroom house for $625K.

Notable places to dine and stroll

Trattoria Lucca

The Grocery

Butcher and Bee

Two Boroughs Larder


The Ordinary

The Alley

Wildflour Pastry

Five Loaves Cafe

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