Wagener Terrace

Wagener Terrace is a neighborhood located at the northern tip of the peninsula, to the north of Hampton Park. This is a great area for families and young professionals. March 2013’s local market report noted that the upper peninsula is the area to watch right now. Sales volume is up 50% compared to 2012 and it continues to rise. With many homes here on the Ashley River, you’ll find anything from a small fixer-upper for $279K to a newly built, 5,000 square foot house overlooking the water for $2.995M. Two newer, smaller areas called Longborough and Lowndes Point are also located within Wagener Terrace. Both neighborhoods were introduced in the early 2000’s. Lowndes Point was created as a small waterfront subdivision and is was completed as a cul-de-sac with elevated homes.  Longborough is similar with high-quality finishes and water views, but has about 50 more properties than Lowndes Point.

Notable dining:

Rutledge Cab Company

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